b'FEATURED ARTICLEAnAlumnaemagazinebecamethevisiontolinktheLaunchingaWomensCollegeAlumnaemagazinehas community and explore the achievements and news of Thebeen on the wish list of one committed alumna who has Womens College Alumnae. So the first edition of FREDAserved on the Colleges Council for ten years. Her support was launched in Junea new digital publicationnamed infrom day one was invaluable and the end result for her was honour of the Colleges founding Principal, Anna Frederikaa dream come true. (Freda) Bage. Im sure that everyone who receives FREDA will agree it was worth the wait.I also have no Here are some planning tips which were implemented. doubt that our readers will be impressed by the professionalism, style, tone, design and engaging Alumnae Participation range of stories/articles that capture the breadth of To name the new magazine, the College ran a naminglife at Womens while providing a fantastic platform competition by welcoming creative suggestions from itsfor engagement within our Alumnae community.AlumnaeandanoverwhelmingnumberofsubmissionsIt was lovely to read all the wonderful things our werereceived.ThewinningentryproposedFREDA.Itwomen have and continue to do right across the seemedfittingtonamethenewpublicationaftertheglobe - truly inspiring and makes one feel extra woman who started the College in 1914 and had a greatproud to be a Wooza!I also love the name FREDA impact on the reputation of The Womens College and its- a perfect and fitting title! , said Kim Lyons, Council students. member and Alumna. Alumnae were also encouraged to participate if they had aCelebratestory to tell, landed their dream job or made a differenceFollowinghoursofproofingandediting,FREDAwas in their local or international community. We wanted tolaunched to coincide with The Womens College annual hear where life had taken our Alumnae since living at TheGivingAppeal.Thiswasastrategicdecisionwhich Womens College. So the content of the magazine wasprovided an opportunity to further develop our culture of developed from the participation of the Alumnae. philanthropy. Moving forward, FREDA will be published at least annually and continue to connect our Alumnae Partnerships community in more ways than we know. WeencouragedstafftobeinvolvedinthemagazinesSuccessnamingcompetitionandsharedthesuggestionsata monthly staff meeting. The Womens College was excited about re-establishing connectionswithitsAlumnaeandbelievesthevision of FREDA will keep the community engaged across all Imentoredouradministrationassistanttoundertakegenerations for years beyond the pandemic.aresearchprojecttoidentifyournotableAlumnae-a diverse group of remarkable women who have inspired, led, discovered and improved our world. We were proud and in awe of the achievements of some 25 women in the first edition.Developing a close working relationship with your graphic designer is of paramount importance. They need to believe in the project as much as you and willing to work day and night to meet your publication deadline.Support Susan McGinleyAlthough not directly involved with the magazines contentEngagement & Marketing Manager, development,ourSeniorManagementTeamcontinuedThe Womens College - University of Queenslandto support the project and believed in the value of the publication amidst the challenges. OCTOBER 2020 9 9'