b'FEATURED ARTICLEA UNITED COMMUNITY IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITYI have always known the Carey community to be one ofDespite the challenges we have faced over the last eight kindness, joy and passion. But it is only now that I havemonths,Ihavelearntthatworkingourwaythrough come to fully realise these attributes.adifficulttimeshouldntnecessarilybeanegative experienceitshouldbeahopefulone.Asaschool, Carey has recognised that with a bit of creativity, flexibility EvidenceshowsusthatourAlumniseevalueintheirandenthusiasm,wecanbringacommunitytogether connectionsandonlinenetworksduringthistime.Iandprovideopportunitiestoconnectandenhance encourage us all to really listen to our Alumni and theirengagement.personal needs and struggles at this time. We need to see the opportunities to strengthen the community and help individuals become better equipped to return to normal life. Going into the future, we know now that we are best placed to invest more in digital communication channels, content,storiesandvideos,andthatwemustmake effective use of our available resources to engage more members than ever before. Careys virtual tours and the Carey community.Katie HuntAlumni & Community Manager, Carey Baptist Grammar School, Victoria28 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'