b'NEWSFEATURED ARTICLE#STAYHOMEWEDELIVERTHE CHALLENGES OF LEARNING ONLINELeading professional learning in a time of changeL ike our member institutions, Educate Plus isOur organisation has now truly become Australasia wide, as accelerating towards a future characterisedmembersfromeachChapterandcountryattenddifferent by both new opportunities and new challengesSIGstoheartheirpeersfromacrossAustraliaandNew and it is clear that one of the best ways for EducateZealand openly discuss issues, find tried and tested solutions Plus to support members is to ensure that we provideand focus on their positive results. Over 3,000 members did opportunities for high quality professional learning andwhat we do best - support and help each other through the development in a way that is accessible and convenient. sharing of knowledge, tools and processes in a difficult time. The solution For those who could not attend our online training or SIGs, we As we quickly moved to learning online, we faced thecreated a portal through the Educate Plus Knowledge Bank challenge of providing quality PD and networkingwhichconsistsofvaluableresourcesavailableondemand opportunities for all our members which required ato our members. We provide the option to watch the video steep learning curve in consistently stretching membersrecording of each webinar or members can subscribe to our understanding; curiosity whilst providing the correctpodcast channel and listen to our latest recordings. support. Our members cite networking as one of the mainThis approachis proving to be a very useful resource and advantages of their face-to-face special interestEducate Plus plans to make e-learning part of the new normal groups and professional development. The challenge,afterassessingthebenefitsfirst-hand.Ifonlinelearning therefore, was for us to harness this using an onlinetechnologycanplayaroleinamplifyingourprofessional platform. To our surprise our member engagementdevelopment,itisincumbentuponustoexploreitsfull numbers increased dramatically. Our regional members,potential and possible benefits for all our members. who normally couldnt attend face-to-face meetings, now found this shift was a feasible option for them. 12 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE12 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'