b'FPELATIUNRUEMDPAARRTTICNLEER ADVERTORIALHOW TO STREAMLINE PUBLISHING OF YOUR SCHOOLS NEWSLETTERDuring the COVID shutdowns (and beyond) a digital newsletter has made it possible for MLC School to publish and distribute newsletters to their school community in a timely, effective and (importantly) safe manner. Even with the disruptions caused by the shutdowns, a digital newsletter was able to be published and distributed weekly. Thats something just not possible to do with a hardcopy newsletter with staff working remotely.I n 2019, Firefly was approached by MLC School to createBeing able to continue to publish the schools newsletter a digital newsletter to manage the delivery of weeklythroughout lockdown, was of immense value. Parents often news to the school community. In hindsight, this provedneeded to know what was happening now, as events were to be a timely decision, with the upheaval caused by eventsso fluid and health advice was frequently changing. of 2020 just around the corner. Analyticsfromthisperiodunderlinetheeffectiveness Timely news for parents on the go of this communication channel with a high level of user engagement:Fromtheoutsetitwasclearthatparentsweretech- Page views increased by 209%savvy and time-poor, but keen to be informed with up-to-date news. With mobile responsive layouts that adapt toSessions increased by 207%different size phones, content is displayed optimally andUnique users increased by 140%consistently across devices. This is an ideal solution for parents on the go, who often check the newsletter whileActive users (consistently returning users) increased by commuting or waiting for their kids at pick up.154%.Choose template Add your content Publish!We apply branding to your chosen template, soIts so simple to create beautiful pages withClick Publish to launch the issue. Previous issues your newsletter stands out from the crowd.videos, photo galleries, tables, text content andare automatically added to an archive. Share the Multiple user support included with every plan. more. Share a preview as you go.link or send an email to your subscribers.Get Started10 0 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'