b'FEATURED ARTICLE3.What are the consequences of not getting enough sleep?When we do not sleep well our mood is affectedand not to our advantage. A bad night of sleep will invariably result in a poor mood state which will include such characteristics as grumpiness, a short temper, intolerance and a general 14% lackofmotivation.Notonlyarewe generally in a bad mood after poor sleep but we are also less inclined to want to exerciseandtoparticipateingeneral activities.Thislackofenergydirectly affects our productivity and efficiency had symptoms severe enoughwhich also decreases as a consequence to potentially result in aof sleeplessness. diagnosis of clinical insomnia. (PACGP report into research on Australians sleep patterns. Sleep also directly affects our ability to learn and to think. In a sleep deprived CLICK TO READ MORE state,ithasbeenshowntimeand againthatwebecomepoordecision-makers,wearemuchmorelikelyto make mistakes and our ability to learn is seriously impaired. An interesting and important study in this regard, involving 7-9hrs over 1500 full-time university students aged 17 to 25 years of age. The study foundthatsleepqualityandduration wereamongthemainpredictorsof academic performancethe better the sleep recommended bysleep the better the performance.healthline for a healthy body and mind.Whilethenegativeimpactsonmood CLICK TO READ MORE. and cognitive ability are considerable, apotentiallymoreseriousproblem ofsleeplessnessistheincreased likelihood of an occupational or motor vehicleaccident.Studiesshowthat peoplewithsleepingproblemsare seven times more likely to be involved in 20 mins such accidents. sleep duration during exami-nation periods is reported toWritten by Dr Carmel be reduced at least. Harrington, Sleep Scientist and Science Direct author ofThe Sleep Diet & The Complete Guide to a Good CLICK TO READ MORE. Nights Sleep 76 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'