b'FEEAWTSU: CREHDA AIRRMTIACNLS RE EPORT 2020NFROM THE CHAIRMANI have always liked surprises and yet it seems Ive coined the phrase surprise fatigue. At this point, like me, you are probably looking forward to a more predictable time, a time without so many surprises. Reflecting on the period since I commenced my role as Chairman of Educate Plus in March this year and our communitys response to the storm we are all in (although from our different boats) is nothing less than inspiring and heart-warming.Who would have ever known what was ahead? I have been humbled and awed by our Advancement community; how we have responded, pulled together and taken on the challenges of this COVID era. It is a mark of the calibre of people who work in our field. Never faltering to care for one another or share thoughts, ideas and learnings for the collective good of the education sector. This was evidenced by the 80+ members who picked up the phone to reach out and connect with our Victorian colleagues during their first challenging weeks of their second lockdown. Feedback of this initiative was overwhelmingly positive, and I feel certain that many new professional networks and some genuine friendships were forged.In this same period, we have joined together in over 70 online SIGs, webinars and workshops. This has ensured that the 3000+ attendees have been equipped in their organisations feeling supported, energised and prepared.To secure and future-proof our organisation, the Educate Plus Board (listed on the following page) has been engaged in formulating strategies to achieve the four Key Objectives of our Strategic Plan 2021 - 2024.Our aspiration is to continue to deliver exceptional value to our members, provide effective corporate partnerships and ensure a clear and strong brand for Advancement Practitioners in Schools, Residential Colleges and Universities across Australasia. With our members at our centre and our focus on providing a quality, innovative and accessible Advancement network that delivers exceptional professional development opportunities throughout your career, I look forward to working with you all to continue the great work of our predecessors.I would like to personally thank my colleagues on the Board for their gifts of time, expertise, wisdom and support.Also, to acknowledge and thank all members of our HeadOfficeteamwhohavepivotedwithprowess,demonstratedagility andreimaginedourprevious2020planstodelivercontinuedprofessional Development opportunities to our members throughout these unusual times.Clearly the road forward for our institutions to reignite after this crisis is through supporting and investing in their Advancement areasour roles play an instrumental part in our institutions flourishing once again and sooner rather than later. That is why the theme for our 2021 International Conference is Reignite. I look forward to reconnecting in-person at the September conference with as many members, long-time colleagues, and friends as possible and sincerely look forward to all of the wonderful surprises that Educate Plus conferences always present!L E A W A L K E R - F R A N K SEDUCATE PLUS CHAIRMAN 20206 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'