b'FEATURED ARTICLETheUniversitysDevelopmentandfor donations was launched in March, Alumni Relations Office (DARO) led theas the University identified and quickly announcement of the fund with a letterresponded to the emerging need.fromProfessorHayneemailedtoall Alumni and friends. The response was immediateinthefirsthour$12,000This is the most collaborative was raised, and by the end of the firstappeal Ive ever been week,morethan$95,000hadbeeninvolved with, the Vice-donated. Chancellor, Human Resources, Communications, the Students $12K Association and DARO all working togetherand swiftly too, says Ms Miller.raised in the first hourThepandemichascreatedfinancial $12,000, and by the end of thehardshipinallsectorsofthestudent first week, more than $95,000community. During the lockdown, many had been donated. students lost their part-time jobs, which theyreliedonforvitalincome,while CLICK TO READ MORE othersfacegreatlyreducedfinancial support from their families. Thefundishelpingstudentscover theirutilityandelectricitybills, accommodationcosts,travelcosts backtocampus,essentialgroceries 2015 Vice-Chancellor Professor Harleneandtoiletries.Postgraduateresearch studentshavereceivedtuitionfees Hayne rebates and scholarship extensions.is when Masters studentWorkingontheappealforPteaStudents from right across the University Charlotte Bruce Kells, startedTautokowasthetoppriorityduringcommunityarebeingsupportedby studying at Otago, this fundlockdownforDARODevelopmentthe fundfrom International students, will help her finish MA thesis Manager,AnnualGiving,Stephanietofirstyearundergraduatestofinal CLICK TO READ MORE. Miller. While applications for the fundyearPhDstudents.Around80per officiallyopenedinMay,theappealcent of grants have been allocated to $1.5mcommitted as an initial investment to support Otago students facing financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 global outbreak.CLICK TO READ MORE.OCTOBER 2020 103'