b'FEATURED ARTICLEResearchisessentialinanysuccessfulMarketingImplementationcampaign, and my research and discussions led me to aThere were a number of tactics used to implement this number of helpful insights: campaign. The primary ones were:Two of the highest priorities to Jewish families areTargeted social media advertising and organic education and a home within the community for theircontent.familyJewish communities tend to live in particular suburbs/ Outdoor advertising.areas, making them easy to target with advertising Information evenings with the Principal in both The cost of living in the Jewish suburbs in MelbourneSydney and Melbourne.and Sydney is much higher than in Perth and like- Creation of video content to use in the campaign.schools have fees about 40% higher than ours. Printed advertising and editorial pitches in the We had a number of families already at Carmel whoAustralian Jewish News, which is distributed in had moved here from South Africa and they were onlyMelbourne and Sydney.too happy to speak about their experiences Re-targeting from our social ads and website visitors.The Perth community genuinely wants to grow andDedicated content on our website (which has since existing families are very welcoming of new ones. been extended to include content for people moving from overseas).These realisations led to the development of a targetedBoard approval to offer transitional allowance of one interstate Marketing plan with the goal of attractingterm fee-free for those relocating (who met the terms three enrolments for 2019 to demonstrate a return onand conditions).investment. Engagement with our current families, all of whom Hear from new parents, Ben and Jess- The Tuszynski family recently joined us from Melbourne. We sat down with them to find out how the move from East to West has been, especially during the challenging time of COVID-19.Click button to left to view Carmel School website page about Life in Perth3 8 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'