b'FEATURED ARTICLE2020 Visionviewing the Admissions process through a different lensWhen the sun was setting on the last days of 2019, the Community Relations team at Santa Sabina was looking forward to the future with great optimism and excitement. Our 125 year celebrations were coming to a close and we were farewelling our College Principal. The Admissions team was particularly looking forward to all the new opportunities that come with a new Principal and Strategic Vision.H owever,asweusheredinthenewyear,wefacedmultiplechallenges. Our Outdoor Education Campus in the Southern Highlands, Tallong, was under threat from the bushfires that were raging across eastern Australia. We experienced the devastating death of a student and COVID-19 was building momentum.We quickly realised that 2020 was going to be a year like no other. But like Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese writer and philosopher stated in his book The Art of War, In the midst of chaos there is also opportunity, and with this in mind, our Admissions team was as agile and responsive to the limitations and challenges we were facing. We were working to find new ways to engage and connect with our prospective families as well as new processes to ensure sustainable enrolments.Create opportunities for virtual engagementAsAdvancementprofessionals,we all know that the best way to sell our schools is to have prospective parents visit our campuses. CheckoutourVirtualTourBooking page here.By visiting in person they can feel for themselves what the distinctive education offerings are by walking the paths their sons and daughters will walk, speaking with students who our parents imagine and hope their children will one day be, and visiting classrooms to see learning in action. The challenges and restrictions that 2020 has presented us has meant finding new ways to invite parents into our campus. We quickly adapted our traditional parent engagement strategies and created new virtual engagement opportunities. 4 6 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'