b'FEATURED ARTICLENEWS: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 20212021 Adelaide CONFERENCE PROGRAM AND SPEAKERSre ignite The Conference Program spans all levels of educational Advancement and in 2021, the Conference will include aMasterclass for Experienced Practitioners which will also provide opportunities for networking,relationship building and opportunities to examine career opportunities and career development.IAN TAYLOR - FOUNDER/MANAGING DIRECTOR OF ANIMATION RESEARCHProfoundlyinspiring,deeplythoughtprovoking, refreshinglyauthenticpreparetobeinformed educated and inspired by this humble, accomplished andmultiawardedinnovator.Ianchallengesthe status quo of our societies and addresses important social issues relating to our educational system and its impact on our people. The switched on, creative, solutions focused, Dont see why not! thinking of this innovator will stay with you for ever.KAREN GATELY - AUTHOR, SPEAKER, COACH & EDUCATORKaren is a highly-acclaimed human performance and leadership expert. She is a passionate educator who began her career as a teacher and continues her love of teaching through the work she does with schools and businesses across Australia. She provides coaching, advice and workshops aimed at enabling school boards, principals, leadership teams and students to be at their best. She is a prolific writer and media commentator.DR CHRISTINE NIXON - FORMER CHIEF COMMISSIONER, VICTORIA POLICEDr Christine Nixon APM is a Fellow of IPAA Victoria, the Australian Institute of Police Management, the AustralianInstituteofManagementandAustralian and New Zealand School of Government. She is also DeputyChancellorofMonashUniversity,Chairof Good Shepherd Microfinance, and Chair of Monash CollegePtyLtd.AsformerChairoftheVictorian Bushfire Reconstruction and Recovery Authority, from February 2009 to September 2010, Dr Nixon oversaw the largest recovery and rebuilding operation Victoria has ever undertaken. 116 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'