b'NEWS: EDUCATE PLUSPRACTITIONER TRAININGPROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT WITH PURPOSE - LOOKING TO THE FUTUREWhy now is a good time to invest in your future with PD?T rainingisntjustimportantforyourdevelopmentWhat can you expect? thatiscurrentand andcareerprogression,itisvital.OurCertifiedEducatePlusprovidestraining AdvancementPractitionertrainingoffersaprimerelevant, incorporating leading practice across our four opportunityforyoutoexpandyourknowledgebase,key Advancement pillars:encourageinnovativethinkingandempoweryouwith the tools you need to complete your role effectively and efficiently. + Admissions+ FundraisingOur programs are designed specifically for Advancement+ Alumni & Community Relationsstaffandaredevelopedinconsultationwithleading industry professionals. Each course delves into the process+ Marketing & Communicationssurrounding the Advancement sector. Our courses cater for those new to the education sector and those already experienced employees who need information and skills toOurcoursesareofferedthroughablendedlearning support their growth and gain more advanced knowledge. model, a combination of online learning and classroom learning. The course materials are rich with case study scenarios, checklists and sample forms. All of us are time Upskillingandkeepingupwiththelatesttrendsandpoor, so this course work is designed to be completed industry changes are important, but considering new orand submitted online with an online discussion forum so alternative methods can also lead to greater efficiencyparticipants can get to know their classmates in advance and reduced work burdens. Our courses challenge yourof the face to face training. thinkingandenableyoutoshareyourenquirieswith our industry experts who have a real understanding of what Advancement staff need in their roles. We aim at improvingcapabilitiesandofferapragmaticlearning experienceforparticipantsbasedonengagingand relevant content and on a broad knowledge base. Training course in Melbourne 2019 - Marketing & Admissions joint sessionOCTOBER 2020 2 9'