b'FEATURED ARTICLEItremainsimportanttobeopenthattherearesomeI have been privileged to be the College Principal at such a things we can make decisions on and some things thatchallenging and uncertain time. This has been a time when as yet, we cant make decisions on. Whether we can haveleaders are required to be authentic, courageous, humble and the Senior Formal with dancing, or only 50% attendancepresent. Its a time when the utmost servanthood has been at Speech Night, these decisions cant be made yet. Ofrequired and what an honour that is.course, the decisions may be taken out of our hands. I can provide confidence around what we are thinking andIf your actions inspire others to dream more, that we are doing all we can to work with the informationlearn more, do more and become more, you are a we have to make prudent and considered determinations. leader.John Quincy AdamsI think this is the phase that we are now entering. My job, as I see it now, is to provide as much that is normal to our students, staff and school community and to do this in a safe, practical way. We are currently taking the advice of the Health and Education departments. We are considering how to operationalise these prudently and practically and make every decision about how to operate the College, with health and safety first, closely followed by what is best for our students and staff.Thisapproachmeansreducedguestsandspectators at a variety of College sporting and cultural events and major assemblies or maybe no guests at all. Individual decisions made for each activity based on implementing restrictionsprudentlyandpragmatically,withthebestKaren Spiller OAM CFinterests of students and staff in mind. PrincipalJohn Paul College (QLD)JPC Continuous Learning - Music Tuition OCTOBER 2020 17'