b'FEATURED ARTICLETHE ULTIMATE LEADERSHIP TEST - A REFLECTIONApril 2020 The last two weeks have allowed me to catch up on my reading; both professional and personal. So, a few murder mysteries are now read and back in the library and I also have a theme for this weeks Principals Blog.O ne article I read, referred to Leadership in theseIn this strange world of physical distancing, we do well to uncertain times and the key message wasremember that we dont have to be relationally distanced. the need for Deliberate Calm and BoundedThere are still ways of cultivating a community that doesnt Optimism. I really like the way these four words areinvolve having to be in the same room together.joined and the meaning behind each descriptor. In times of challenge and uncertainty, there is most definitely aThis term will see us increase the interactivity of our online heightened need for both; a sense of calm and also alearning platforms and part of this will see students, as well sense of optimism.as staff, connect more. Together with all our staff here at JPC, I look forward to another term, Educating, Inspiring and Bounded optimism speaks to me as a sensible andMaking a Difference.pragmatic approach to moving forward. COVID-19 will pass and more or less, we will get back to whatever theThe above was the basis of my newsletter article for the first new normal is. Hopefully, our family and friends stay safeweek of Term Two, 20 April 2020. The height of the lockdown through this and we deliberately care for each other andin Queensland was upon us and daily my phone and car deliberately, make the most of the situation.screen each declared #StayHome and did so for a further six weeks. Another article I read was from Brian Rosner, the Principal of Ridley (a theological) College in Melbourne.Teachers across the state were deeply involved in In this piece, Rosner referred to Dietrich Bonhoeffer, atransferring their skill set from face-to-face energetic and church leader and pastor in Germany in the 1930s andenthusiastic teaching to online, enthusiastic and energetic 1940s. Bonhoeffer, who was eventually executed onteaching. They were already working long hours to get their Hitlers orders, offers some thoughts written whilst heresources online and were gearing up for a lengthy period of was imprisoned, in Nazi Germany; a long way from theworking from home, often while managing their own children comfort of our homes and offices. as well. There is hardly anything that can make you happier thanThe uncertainty of how long this would be our reality and to feel you count for something with other people. Whatwhat might evolve, given the overseas experiences, created matters here is not numbers, but intensity. In the longa fragility that pervaded many peoples psyches and made run, human relationships are the most important thing insome people scared.life. God uses us in his dealings with others. Everything else is close to hubris. Not being able to visit loved ones, especially older folk, nor acknowledge and revere their passing, or celebrate the life events that occur, made many angry and upset.Alcohol sales soared as did calls to Lifeline and similar counselling services.14 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'