b'FEATURED ARTICLEThanks to our very own quiz master, Tim Shorter of FameSt Caths Business DirectoryTrivia,ourannualTriviaNightwastransformedintoaBeing acutely aware of the financial implications for our 4-weekonlinecompetition.Eachweekhesupplied20families following the COVID-19 lockdown had us all thinking questions and answers which we distributed to our current,outsidethesquare.Anotherinitiativewasintroduced past and future communities for St Caths Thursday Nightwhich we hoped would serve our community well.Through Trivia. The response was overwhelming, and we receivedthe Business Directory option on our school portal we were encouragingstoriesofcommunityspiritasfamiliesandable to promote over 50 school family businesses to our St friends played together over virtual dinner parties duringCatherines community through the Daily Digestour daily the lockdown. notices communication with current parents and staff.Our We had a wonderful trivia and virtual dinner partyAlumni office undertook the same promotion through Old on the weekend over a French themed dinner partyGirls OnLine andwe shared details with 2021 and 2022 with a friend for Saturday night. incoming families. We cooked all the food and she picked it up fromAnzac Day celebrated out and about!our front porch (contactless pick up). Edie & LeoManyofourfamiliesembracedtheAnzacDaystreet made a menu for her and one for us. We then got allcelebrationsthroughtheMusicforMateshipinitiative, dressed up as if we were going out and met onlineonceagainbringingunexpectedjoyandpoignancyina to enjoy our dinner party together but apart!move away from the traditional Anzac Day assemblies. It was moving to see many of our students out at dawn with Before our dessert course we attempted the Sttheir trumpets. Caths trivia questions, I was the quiz master. Alumni RelationsWe all found it a really fun and great way to shareOur Alumni office, like many, has faced ongoing challenges this experience as a family and with our friends aswith events and reunions this year. We are planning to host well!!!a Back to St Catherines Day in March 2021 which will be a celebration for those who missed their reunions during Thanks St Caths!!!! Youre rocking this!!!! We are2020 as well as the 50 years+ for whom we hold the annual so thankful that in times like these that we are partJane Barker Luncheon. of such a positive, inclusive and caring community! Keep up the amazing work! Apositiveforushasbeensocialmedia,particularly Facebook. We have been sharing many flashback and then and now photos on our St Caths Old Girls Facebook page. The response to these posts has been most enthusiastic, and we have really enjoyed seeing the many comments from our old girls sharing memories of their time at school. Love theOurprogramofengagementwithAlumniandsenior Molesworths students continues through career and mentor support. The Photo submitted by the MolesworthCareers Conversations program with Year 12 has continued, family with speakers now presenting via Zoom. These sessions provide an opportunity for our girls to hear from St Caths Our Headmistress Dr Julie Townsend gathered her familyAlumni who share their career journeys and offer advice for together for Saturday night trivia dinners and loved thelife after St Catherines. We are also working closely with tradition that thisthe Tertiary Advisor to connect students individually with an quickly became.Alumni mentor who can help with more specific study and career pathways.Saturday night trivia dinnerOCTOBER 2020 9 5'