b'FEATURED ARTICLEGeographic boundaries are no longer an issueCareys Alumni are widely spread across the world andWe also provided an interesting article on how This isnt Australia. Looking back on previous surveys, for those notthe first time. Carey had experienced lockdown and an living in Melbourne, data cited geography as a barrier touncertain period.It was comforting for many to know being active with their Alumni community. Embracing athat we had been through difficult times before and had primarily online mode for community engagement breakscomeouttheotherside.WrittenbyHelenPenrose, down this significant barrier. HistorySmiths Ltd - read more here.Our traditional Anzac Day event attracts 100 guests toCommunitiesthatoncestartedasface-to-facehave Carey for an assembly and luncheonbut even without thenow migrated to digital media to stay connected, which promise of lunch, our online event saw thousands come toalso works to widen the limited geographical boundary. view our tribute. This is thousands more we have engagedCommunity may look and function differently online, but than we would have otherwise. We also recently hosted anitsessenceisthesame.Peoplecanconnectthrough online international Alumni event focussing on making theonline platforms such as Zoom, connect individually with most of university during COVID-19 to position oneself forothercommunitymembersthroughdirectmessaging an internship. This event bought our international Alumniand even work together to learn a new skill or discuss together, where traditionally the geographical divide hascommon challenges through an online session or seminar. made it difficult to engage this group. Nowmorethanever,itistimetothinkofourschool communities as global communities. OCTOBER 2020 27'