b'FEATUREDF AERATTIUCRLETRUST, TRANSPARENCY AND THE POWER OF NUMBER 8 WIRENew Zealanders are renowned for their Number 8 wire approach to solving a problemdoing what you can, with what youve got to make the best of your situation. Here in Canterbury, were no exception.Returning UC studentsF ollowing the Earthquake of 2011,TheCOVID-commsastheybecame someUniversityofCanterburyknown were a daily occurrence for both (UC)studentsweretaughtfromstudents and staffin a time of huge to benefit from post- tents erected on the Ilam Fields, whilestressandupheavalthiscouldhave earthquake generosity others were welcomed with open armsbeen overkill, but it was important for bytheUniversityofAdelaide.Wedidus to be as transparent as possible to READ MORE HERE the best we could with what we had, toreduce any confusion or misinformation ensure a continuing, quality educationthat may have been swirling about what for our students. the following four weeks would look like for their academic careers. Everything you need to know about UC campus & how to get supportAfter the earthquakes - teaching in tentsFor students, it meant reassuring them So it was all hands on deck when Primewe would continue to provide a high level MinisterJacindaArdernannouncedof teaching and learning, regardless of New Zealand would be entering a four- where they were learning from.week national lockdown in March.InoneofourfirstCOVID-commsto It was important that our students andstudents,wesharedthedecisionto staff knew what was expected of thembringmid-Semesterbreakforward Regular updates via socialso clear, regular communications weretostartfromdayoneoflockdown. media. a priority from day one.Thismeantourstudentshadtimeto acclimate to lockdown, while giving our academicandgeneralstaffthetime OCTOBER 2020 10 9'