b'NEWS: EDUCATE PLUSTERTIAFREY +ATU WUREEDB P AROTRICTLAELNEW TERTIARY +U PORTALEducate Plus is committed to expanding the support ofthis sector within our membership by creating a portal focusing specifically on the needs, challenges and opportunities of Tertiary/Residential College Advancement professionals. W hether you work in a diversified team at a universityFeatures of the portal include:or are a solo operator at a Residential College, thisTertiary specific eventsportal is just for you. The content is aimed solely at the tertiary market and the speakers, articles and mentorsUseful linksall operate in that space. The portal is an initiative to makeMember benefitsiteasierfortertiaryAdvancementstafftoengagewith Educate Plus and their specific community. MarketplaceWe are all digital experts. Or are we?these are temporary or permanent. In this session we will As University Advancement teamshear from a range of practitioners, sharing case studies of world-wide fast tracked online it feelswhat worked well when the crises first hit, what is here to like everyone is a digital engagementstay, and why. expert. For years the profession has been trying to figure out the best way toStrategy changes in Universities. use social media. So, now with this newHow does this impact our work? In way of digital working, it is time to askare we really doingthis unique webinar you can connect it?with key leaders in the Tertiary Advancement in the time of COVID.Advancement sector to understand What did we learn? Whats staying?how they have managed and continue COVID19 forced us to adapt quickly toto manage through an unprecedented time, the critical new ways of working. It has requiredlearnings gained. Featuring an overview by a leading a rapid reassessment of currentFuturist Speaker, and followed by an interactive panel with strategies and to consider whetherleaders from across the sector. Watch the trailer below: OCTOBER 2020 73'