b'FLEAATTIUNRUEMDPAARRTTICNLEER ADVERTORIALPMY YEARBOOK BY FAST PROOF PRESSFast Proof Press is proud to be Australias leading provider of school yearbooks, printing thousands of school yearbooks and school magazines for leading Australian schools every year.M y Yearbook is proudly printed by Australias leading yearbook print provider who produces thousands of school yearbooks and school magazines, everyyear,Australiawide.Byalsoofferingartworkanddistribution services, this streamlines the overall printing experience.With fast 3 day printing turnarounds and competitive pricing, our school magazine service cannot be beaten by overseas production.Due to the investment of our new Cannon ProStream; My Yearbook is known in QueenslandandAustraliawide,asthemostenvironmentallyfriendlyprinting company. This means your school yearbook or magazine can be printed guilt free.SCHOOL YEARBOOKS MAGAZINEHOW TO PLAN A SCHOOL YEARBOOKFAST PROOF PRESS WEBSITESample yearbooks from Fast Proof PressOur waterless, chemical free digital production system uses food safe ink and toner, making de-inking paper for recycling a seamless process and My Yearbook a business that can manufacture for future generations. School yearbooks and magazines are keepsakes that can last generations designed (not unlike other printed materials) to preserve history in printed form. We approach school magazines with the same keen eye for detail and level of consideration we do with all projects we undertakeits why Fast Proof Press is Australias premire printer.In a digital world, a printed yearbook that can be held in your hands and shared with friends and family is still a treasured piece of memorabilia. Create a yearbook that the community who surrounds your school will be proud of while students can treasure their memories forever.32 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'