b'NEWSF: CEAETO RUREEPDO ARRT 2TIC0L2E0From the CEO2020 has tested the best of us in ways we could not have contemplated 12 months ago. There has been immense change not only in our delivery but in our business models, our communities and our future prospects and, as Educate Plus, we have emerged stronger and well positioned for the future. W earealeanandagileorganisation,Really,thankyouforyouragilityin sowequicklybecameawareoftherunning sessions this year and for your severity and initial consequences of thehard work in bringing us such a great virus which highlighted the need for a change inprogram of learning.modus operandi. Our certified training programSusanna Wills-Johnson, Carmel School, WAmoved from face to face delivery to a fully online, interactiveplatform,whereparticipantscould stillpersonallyinteractwiththepresentersAs we navigate the impact of COVID-19 and re-and fellow trainees.Chapters that had alreadyposition ourselves for an altered future, we are schedulednumerousfacetofacenetworkingonce again looking to re-establish in person local and professional activities had to re-think theirand national networks and whilst we will still offer approach and this provided Educate Plus with athese collaborative online offerings, members can significant opportunity!look forward to a wide range of local activities and our upcoming International Conference in 2021. Through the dedicated work of Sheila Molloy, ourRead more about this on page 77.MarketingandEducation&TrainingManager, incollaborationwitheachChapter,wesetWe hope you enjoy this issue of F2F which is focused aboutdevelopingacomprehensiverangeofon celebrating the wins, the new strategies and complimentarywebinarsthatwouldnotonlytechnologies and renewed engagement resulting ensuremembersstillfeltengagedwiththeirfrom COVID-19. There are some innovative and network, but provided them with much needed,thought-provokingarticlesthatreflecton2020 relevant professional Development content at abut which have also set us on a different road to time of need. Our original target of four webinarsa new tomorrow.for the year (pre-COVID) was quickly surpassed and at the time of publishing we have now provided over 70 online offerings which have attracted over 3000 registrations!I wanted to take the time to send you and the Educate Plus team a big thank you for the work you have done this year. I realise that the circumstances have not been ideal, but in actual fact the increase inonlinesessionshasmeantthatIve had one of the richest years of PD that Icanremember.WhileIvemissed seeing my colleagues in real life, your teamhasexpertlyfacilitatedlearning opportunities for members from experts notonlyaroundAustralia,butaround the world.Neil McWhannell JP GAICDEducate Plus CEOOCTOBER 2020 9'