b'NEWS: EDUCATE PLUS MEFNETAOTRUIRNEGD P ARROTGICRLAEMJUDY REID - MENTORDirector of ENGAGEMENTi Loreto Mandeville Hall ToorakExperienced Director Of Development with a demonstrated history of working in educational fundraising. Skilled in Community Relations, Alumnae Relations, Fundraising, Event Planning, Strategic Planning and Event Management. Why become a mentor? This wasnt necessarily something that I had consideredDifferent organisations do things differently and to see how previously but when the opportunity was offered by Educateanother organisation handles something gives you a new Plus,IwasremindedofhowfortunateIhavebeentoperspective.Loreto Mandeville Hall Toorak is always looking learn from wonderful mentors in the past, and felt it wasfor best-practice in all we do and will benefit through the important to give something forward if I could.The timingnew perspective that Nicole has shared with me.was also perfect as, due to COVID-19 restrictions, I had more time available. Judys key take-awaysOurrelationshiphasevolvedorganically.NicolehadThis experience works both ways.Not only have I made a prepared her Mentee goals and while our meetings havenew friend in our profession but I have learned to consider focused on some of these, the discussion tends to movehow I may do things differently in the future.I am most around depending on what we are working on at the time. grateful to Educate Plus for providing this opportunity.It has been wonderful to connect with another Engagement professional who understands first-hand the difficulties of Thementoringplatformwasusedtomatchmyselfanddoing our jobs remotely.It has been a pleasure to connect Nicole.I appreciated the opportunity to list my values andvia Zoom and share casual conversation as well as more to be matched with someone with similar values.It was alsoseriousdiscussion,justaswemighthavedonewith most helpful to mention areas in which I had experience andcolleagues in the workplace.was happy to share my learnings.What have been the positive outcomes for you and your organisation?MENTORCLOUDIthasbeenanabsolutepleasuretomeetNicoleandI verymuchlookforwardtomeetingherinpersonwhen restrictions are lifted.I feel that I have learned from her as much as she has learned from me.We have both discussed how our organisations have managed different things and it has been helpful to share these experiencesboth whats worked and what could be improved upon. The best teachers are those who tell you where to lookbut dont tell you what to see.Alexandra K.TrenforOCTOBER 2020 51 15'