b'FLEAATTIUNRUEMDPAARRTTICNLEER ADVERTORIALPINNOVATEEnquiry Tracker is an innovative Australian software platform designed and built by educationalists with over 37 years in the sector. Since launching at Educate Plus International Conference in 2018, more than 110 schools across Australia, New Zealand and USA are already using the system to save hours every week and have those critical reports right at their fingertips.Truly great philanthropy. The beauty of our platform is it allows you to build deeply personal relationships that are easily managed which Many schools adopt the position that philanthropyallows greater understanding of the nuances and interests begins upon graduation and as Alumni they may give inof every future and precious enrolment. return. At Enquiry Tracker, we adopt a more holistic and longitudinal view, the seeds of great giving are best sown by developing future families into the best ambassadorsEvery future family is unique - they want you to understand literally years before arrival. their concerns for the precious education of their child that they are entrusting to you. For most, after the purchase of a house, it can be the largest single investment a family will make.70 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'