b'FEATURED ARTICLEHOW TO USE A CRISIS TO ENGAGE A COMMUNITYIt seems so long ago now that COVID-19 entered our lives and took over almost all aspects of it. Almost eight months have passed since the day staff at Carey Baptist Grammar School in Melbourne were notified of a case of the virus at the School. This was the first incidence of COVID-19 at a school in Victoria resulting in a closure. I was so impressed to be part of a school and team that responded so well.W ith no prior experience to draw on or colleagues toWelcome to the new worldlean on for advice, Carey managed a sudden andIt was first thought Carey would remain closed for a short unexpected school closure, swiftly transitioningperiod in March and we would all go back to work and be toanentirelynewonlinelearningenvironmentwithnoin the classrooms in a matter of days. As an Alumni and preparation.Careysawnotonlyachallenge,butanCommunity Manager, my team and I were busily planning opportunity. Through the new online mode, Carey engagedforreunions,speakingevents,luncheons,andother itscommunity,andsawanincrediblemovetobandgatherings at Carey. With such lovely autumn weather upon togetherandsupportoneanother,withstaff,families,us, March is always a busy time on the events calendar. Alumni and past families alike all working to ensure theBut without an official lockdown announced and limited best outcomes for Carey students. government direction to go by, there was little to suggest that our entire years calendar would be cancelled, and we had no concept of the struggles that were to follow. ABC News - Carey Baptist Grammar principal confirms teacher has coronavirus24 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'