b'PLATINUM PARTFNEEATRU ARDEVDE RARTOTIRCILAELMENTOR EVOLUTIONAt The Mentor Evolution we are bringing mentoring to organisations that are discovering one of the most powerful competitive advantages availablea strong and engaged community. Whether you wish to explore the benefits of a mentor program, are seeking to start a mentoring program, powered by technology or are ready to scale your existing high-touch program, The Mentor Evolution team is here to help any way we can.DEEP LOCAL EXPERTISE & GLOBAL EXPERIENCE DEDICATED PROGRAM MANAGEROur global team of professionals share a passion to helpYourdedicatedProgramManagerwillworkwithyouto position our clients at the forefront of change. Every day wecustomise a program design, provide administrator training are transforming organisations through the power of nextand share best practice guides, toolkits and resources.evolution mentor programs.SIMPLE, AGILE AND COST EFFECTIVE REAL TIME KPI REPORTINGWanting to reap the benefits of a mentor program? WeOur real-time administrator reporting means you can track have designed our program and platform offering to be costand retain all desired KPIs throughout the program and effective, supported by flexible contract terms. There are noupon closing to determine the success of the program.additional fees and no restrictions to the number of active mentorship programs undertaken at any one time. TRAINING AND RESOURCESCHOOSE SINGLE SIGN-ON AND API INTEGRATION Ourfacilitatedworkshopsandeventsguaranteehelpto attract, engage, retain and grow your mentoring program We have ensured that our agile mentoring programs arethroughsharedlearningbothface-to-faceandviaour developedandcustomisedtocomplimentanddeliverwebinar series events.oncorporatestrategy.Choosesinglesign-onandAPI integration today or in the future.REQUEST A DEMOGet in touch today to schedule a call or a demonstration of our platform for your business. Let us know how we can help by clicking the button above, fill out the form and we will be back in touch.OOCCTTOOBBEERR 2 0220020 5533'