b'FEATURED ARTICLETHREE MONTHS LATER,I hold the view that COVID-19 is a belowI think most of us crave some form of the line issue for us now. By this, I meancertainty: some sense that we are safe ON MONDAY 20 JULY, Ithat we must take the global pandemic(a most primordial need) and that things and our communitys health and safetywill be OK. As children and adolescents, WROTE THIS TO STAFF ANDvery seriously and ensure that we arewe need boundaries and respect these, compliantwithallprecautionsanddespite our drive to break out of them. COMMUNITY MEMBERS: guidance.Boundaries provide safety and certainty.Atthesametime,wehavetoliveWe look to our nations leaders to instil our lives and get on with providing aconfidence that we as individuals and dynamic,challengingandenjoyableas a nation will be OK, and that we will education for our students. I think weget through this turmoil and be all right.will be living with COVID-19 for a while yet and so we must consider the new normal of running the school. In times of uncertainty, where there is no confidence and such unpredictability, it falls to us as leaders of our families and Once again, thank you for your patience,communities, to do all we can to provide flexibility and resilience as we navigateconfidence. these new requirements together.Communication was and is, a key pillar Andso,lifecontinues.Iacknowledgeto leadership in this and other troubled thatatthetimeofwriting,myfamilytimes.Authenticityandhumilitywere and I are well and while one has lostallpartofthecommunicationpieces her job through redundancies createdwhere I admitted (and still am doing so) throughtheeconomicdownturnandthat I dont have all the answers.oneremainsinLondon;wearewell and safe. I also acknowledge the grief ofsomewhohavelostlovedonestoDailyemails,forsometime,featured thisvirusandthefinancial,physicalthe headings; What we know, what we and emotional effect that it has had ondont know and what we are thinkingmany.Duringthistime,ourleadersand leadership have been tested. AtarecentstudentLeadership InductionAssembly,thefirstface-to-faceassemblyinourCollegefor fourmonths,ourChairoftheBoard, referredtothekeycharacteristicsof JPC ONLINE LEARNING leadership, as she saw them. She spoke ofauthenticity,courage,humilityand presence.EAGLE MAGAZINE In so many ways, these summarise how WINTER 2020 I hope I have led our College community through this most unprecedented time. Class of 2021 LeadershipInduction Ceremony 16 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'