b'FEATURED ARTICLECOMMUNITYAswebegantowatchthispandemicunfold,it becamemoreevidenteachdaythattheimpact would be felt far and wide and certainly within our own community. The School wanted to keep things as constant as possible for the girls. There was an overwhelming number of thoughts flooding through our minds. How can we help? What can we do to make a difference?HowseverelywillthisaffectourSchool community?W e knew we had to do something, and quickly, ascan continue to learn and grow with their peers at Diocesan.the world was changing faster than we could keepWe had been interested in doing an online appeal or giving up with. day for several years but never felt the time was right as we were focusing on a capital campaign. It can be nerve-Dio Together 2020 was our answer.We aimed towracking to change things up, but we were confident, having raise $100,000 to support those girls whose education mayseen presentations and webinars provided by Educate Plus be disrupted through this crisis and together ensure theythat the Charidy platform was the right fit for us.Parents approached us wanting to support studentswhosefamilieswerefacing financial difficulty but didnt know how they could help and this created the trigger for us. We needed to move with urgency and sensitivitywhileensuringtheimpactofa donation was clearly articulated.Charidy is a wonderful platform that helped usseamlesslylaunchDioTogether 2020. Therewasaveryquickset-up process that alleviated any worries we had with the time and cost of website design and delivery.Themajorityofthepreparation forthisinitiativewascompletedduring lockdown, all while working from home. Who knew time could be spent so wisely in your pyjamas?!Anxietygrewaswepressedgobutwe weretrulyblownawaywiththeresponse from our community.We reached our target of$100,000injusttwoweeks.Ourteam sat behind the computer genuinely excited about each and every donation.OCTOBER 2020 55'