b'FEATURED ARTICLEThe vision for 2020 feels like it is still coming into focus. What we will see in 2021EDUCATE PLUSand beyond could look different yet again. What remains, though, is a flexible, world-wide profession that is able to pivot, another word that will be synonymousTERTIARYwith 2020. +U PORTALEducatePlushastraditionallyrepresentedSchoolAdvancementprofessionals. With all the change and refined team-work, a new opportunity has arisen here too. Now, Educate Plus is +U. The U being Uni and the plus being the additional educational offerings to come. To find out more about the new tertiary program check out the +U web page on the Educate Plus website, or read the article on page 66.A short promotional video for a Tertiary webinar on strategies for Universities, what have we learned, what will we take forward from the COVID era. October 2nd.Jenn ParsonsAlumni Engagement Manager, University of Western AustraliaMember of the Tertiary Advancement Group,Educate PlusOCTOBER 2020 19'