b'FEATURED ARTICLEANNUAL GIVING - LESSONS LEARNTSeymour College and Scotch College AdelaideThere is no denying it, 2020 has presented major challenges and our communities have faced issues that would have been impossible to foresee. The resulting financial difficulty faced by many families posed a difficult question around whether it was appropriate to proceed with an Annual Giving campaign this year.Seymour College sentiment that, we are all in this together. We kept our L ike all schools, the conversations we were havingmessage and support materials simple and inexpensive, centred around the needs of the community. Willconscious of keeping our costs down. we offend our donors if we ask for donations when many families are doing it tough? How do we pitch theThe tone and voice of the campaign were carefully ask so as not to offend potential donors? Is it a positivecrafted to ensure we were not offending our community thing to ask in a time like this, to allow families to feel likein any way and our message was adapted for each of our theyre doing their part and feeling good about helping incommunity target groups. The campaign mix included hard times? There was certainly a lot to consider. handwritten messages from our Principal, a small printed brochure and a video featuring our students voices It was agreed that Seymour would proceed with aasking for donations toward our Building, Scholarships campaign but with some very specific changes. Weand Library Funds.moved away from the title of Annual Giving and replaced it with Community Giving, in line with the Community Giving at Seymour College62 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'