b'FEATURED ARTICLEHistorians are trained, professional listeners. Many areInterest in and excitement for the finished history project excellent public speakers too. Addressing or conversingamong the school community can be maintained by with a range of people in different settings can unlocka column in your regular school news publication, for memories. Examples include Alumni events and reunionsexample Carey and the 1956 Melbourne Olympics. of former staff. And in a truly creative instance, oneWritten by the historian, these columns will also lay the senior student focus group generated the title for theirgroundwork for the Marketing and sales information school history book. which will follow, if you have chosen to publish a book.Oral history proffers unique community perspectives onAll of the community contributions and experiences a schools history. An oral history program is thereforegenerated by commissioning a history project weave an important act of collaboration with the community,a new cloth that becomes an even stronger fabric of a just as it is a valuable method of creating rich andvibrant school.personal source material. By knowing your past, you prepare for your future. A Oral history brings life and a variety of voices to theschool history project can harness goodwill, uncover history manuscript. Typically, a major school historylatent enthusiasm and generate powerful community might create 50 or 60 oral histories, which will also be aconnections among the people who belong to your boon for the archives. school.A history survey is a simple and democratic way to involve yet more of the community who are keenly interested in the schools historical endeavour. It broadens the reach of the project beyond the relatively small number of oral history interviewees, and it can be sent to everyone on your mailing list in digital format or as a paper copy. It is also a great way to announce the project to the community, and to spark interest. The completed surveys then also reside in the schoolHelen Penrosearchives at the projects conclusion.Senior Historian, HistorySmiths Pty LtdThe importance of keeping and documenting your institution history cannot be understated. We would like to share an example of a video that was created by Brisbane Grammar School to celebrate their 150 year anniversary. This video is used on the Headmaster Anthony Micallef Welcome home page, with an invitation to view:3 6 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'