b'FEATURED ARTICLEKEEPING OUR SPIRIT STRONGIn the midst of lockdown and remote learning, having been repeatedly told that to Fundraise this year you would have to be tone deaf, the Community Engagement Team at St Andrews Cathedral School looked at what giving really means. We created a campaign that not only raised funds for families in need, but united their community with testimonials of encouragement and pledges to volunteer.S t Andrews Cathedral School (SACS) celebrates itsWe decided it was key in 2020 to harness the passion and birthday each year on the last day of Term 2. It iscommitmentofourcommunity.Wewantedtoconfirm the same day that our students enjoy Gala Day, athat, regardless of the circumstances, as a community we fun inter-house competition including such varied eventsare strong and united and we would continue to build on asvolleyball,dance-offs,house-bannerpainting,pitchour 135-year legacy. competitions and dodge ball. Its a highlight in the calendar for the 1350 students who are all served a BBQ lunch and birthday cake provided by our Association of Parents andAny school as old as ours has weathered adverse external Friends. For the last two years, SACS has combined Galacircumstances:worldwars,depression,threatened Day with a 24-hour Giving Day for bursaries and buildingclosures and we wanted to put COVID-19 into its historical projects. context of troubles shared and overcome. Like the rest of the world, by March we didnt know whatAndso,wecommittedtoreinventingandreimagining sort of school year we would be facing. Would studentswhat the day could beregardless of whether we were be at school or remote learning? Would there even be aremote, back at school, or some strange yet unthought of, Gala Day? Was it appropriate to fundraise when so manyother scenario.businesses were being impacted so deeply? And how do youkeepyourcommunitytogether,reassureeveryone that you care deeply about their individual experiences,People wanted to helpthey wanted to help the students, and unite them in building on our special culture of caringthey wanted to help the staff, they wanted to help each at SACS? other. Unable to film in isolation, we instead created a video montage from previous photos. In just over a minute, it captured our 8 8 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'