b'FEATURED ARTICLEWords on Wednesdays 27When we are writing at work, it is not our job to expand the vocabulary of our readers. With everyone under pressure, communication is much more effective if you use simple words.A clearer alternative would be:3. BrevityIm writing to let you know how the new restrictionsBeeconomicalinyouruseofwords.MrGolfClub(on will affect your golf and your use of club facilities. previouspage)reallyneedstolearnthislesson.Lessis definitely moreespecially when were all being inundated 2. Simplicity with new rules and processes. The KISS principle does wonders for your writing. It stripsBrevity is achieved when you give your reader only what he away the awful jargon and clichs that bog down writingor she needs. Using short, easily understood words helps and make your readers bristle.to build concise sentences. introduce our new Principal to prospective families through face-to-face meetings on the You know the jargon Im talking about. The unprecedentedcampus, we used short video updates on Facebook and times were in and now more than ever before. Or theInstagram which led to greater visibility, engagement and pivot weve had to make. Such jargon is the real enemyultimately enrolments. of good writing. Its a restraint on excellence that builds cynicism and resentment in readers.Varying the length of your sentences aids readability but 25-30 words per sentence certainly needs to be a maximum. Parents in particular do not want to read this sort of fluffAnd write your sentences within brief paragraphs. in a communication from your school. They want to quickly understand what is happening and how to support their childslearning.Dontcomplicatethemessageandget them offside.8 6 FAC E 2 FAC E M AG A ZIN E'