b'FERATUNREERD A ADRVTEIRCTLOERIALPAGLOBAL PHILANTHROPICGlobal Philanthropic is a fundraising consultancy that delivers innovative solutionsbackedbystrategicrigour.Ourinternationalnetworkof philanthropyspecialistsallowsustoofferlocalandregionalexpertise combinedwithglobalbestpractice,meaningthatyourvisionisfully supportedbythelatestinfundraisingmethodology,tailoredtoyour local context. This evidence-based approach is especially powerful when combined with creative delivery, and we have a track record of designing innovativestrategiesthatachieveresults.Weadviseandsupportour clients at every stage of the fundraising journeyfrom major gift strategies and capacity building, to grant-making support and campaign strategy. Since our founding in 2002, our work with our clients has brought billions of dollars into the philanthropic sector worldwide, making a profound impact on the organisations and individuals seeking to make our world a better place.Global Philanthropic President and Group CEO Ben Morton-Wright provides an intro to nine practical solutions for philanthropy during COVID-19, to be discussed in greater detail in a series of upcoming webinars and blogs. Join our mailing list to receive updates!LINK TO PRESENTATION112 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'