b'FLEAATTIUNRUEMDPAARRTTICNLEER ADVERTORIALP3 TIPS FOR LEVERAGING DATA-DRIVEN ENROLMENTS IN 2021If you work in enrolments or Marketing at a school, its easy to forget that youre sitting on a goldmine of valuable data. Take your school database for example - in here you have past, present, and future student and family information just waiting to be put to work to leverage future enrolments.I n order to get the most from your data, there are a fewCRMscanhelpyoukeepdataconsistentacrossallof things you need to sort out to become enrolments-readyyour school systems, as they usually integrate with each for 2021. other. This means that when one record is updated, the update can be translated across your other systems, reducing incorrect or outdated information. This information, known 1. Move your database into a CRM as dirty data can become overwhelming very quickly. Its Alotofschoolsareheavyspreadsheetusers.Whilehard to find the information that you need quickly because spreadsheets are easy for anyone in your team to access,youhavetowadethroughdozensofoldrecordsortry theyaretime-consumingtomanageastheyrequireseveral contact methods before you get to the one youre significant manual data entry to keep them up to date. Itslooking for. also hard to analyse your database, move the data into other applications (like your learning management system)Once your data has been moved into a CRM, you have the or run reports with it. ability to easily segment families and students by particular attributes,suchasbyhowfaralongtheyareintheir On the other hand, a school customer relationship managerenrolment journey. You can also assign attributes about (CRM) is a system that can help your school manage thetheir interests, demographics, behaviour and more.entire lifecycle of a family or student, from awareness about your school through to enrolment and beyond. It collects and stores every interaction that your school has with them, either manually or automatically.Maximise online enrolments with FunnelDigistorm Funnel is a leading end-to-end enrolment platform for schools, helping to nurture prospective parents from awareness through to enrolment.Capture leads with a customised, integrated digital enrolment form.Streamline and automate your enrolments processes.Analyse your enrolment pipeline with extensive data insights.Contact Digistorm today for a demo92 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINEand learn what Funnel can do for you! +61 7 5508 2929 contact@digistorm.com www.digistorm.com/contact'