b'FEATURED ARTICLESt Catherines Foundation Enrolments during the pandemicAs we prepared to launch the final phase of our capitalAnotherfreshinitiativewastheintroductionofavirtual campaign, COVID struck. Witnessing the financial impactopen morning.Undertaken through Zoom, the online event on many of our families made us pull back on this launch.included presentations from Head Girl, Ella Berckelman, Weve greatly appreciated the wide range of webinars thatHead of Junior School, Mrs Liz Worsley, and Headmistress, have been on offer to us as Advancement professionals byDr Julie Townsend. Educate Plus and those leaders in the consulting field. This input has afforded us the opportunity to take stock, think carefully and develop wonderful stewardship plans. I tipThe format also included a virtual tour of the school and a my hat at those who have taken such time to support usfly through video of our capital works project. More than out in the field, in particular Marts & Lundy AU, OKeefe &70 families participated, and the event was a resounding Partners, and AskRIGHT. success.Inspiredbythatsuccess,theJulyOpenMorningtook the format of a live Q&A with a range of staff answering questions from those considering St Catherines as their schoolofchoice.Around120familiesparticipated,and these two links will form an introduction to St Catherines while we are in this COVID era.Wevealsoembarkedonanewwayofrecruiting internationalstudentsforourboardinghouse.Working closely with AEAS weve joined a number of Online Fairs involving pre-recorded presentations followed by interviews with families overseas and extensive Q&A.We look forward to continuing this program during August and October.What a journey this year has been and how much we have all learned and adapted to the new normal!Just imagine the buzz that will be around the Educate Plus International Conference next yearI wouldnt miss it for quids!Pivoting is not the end of the disruption process,but the beginning of the next leg of your journey.Jay SamitWeve loved calling our donors, handwriting notes to elderly donorsalmost all of whom have taken the time to write a note of thanks in return, furthering the relationship with our supporters both current and past.Foundation subcommittees continue to forge plans to raise funds for capital works and scholarship programs and our networkinggroupisreachingouttokeepengagedwith thoseonourprofessionalnetworkingdatabase.WereMarilyn Rickard F.Edplushopefullyconfidentthat2021willseearesumptionofTrevor Wigney Award 2012,Foundation activities and programs. Head of Community Relations,And finally, St. Catherines School, New South Wales9 6 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'