b'FEATURED ARTICLEHOW DID WE KEEP UP COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT?ARE WE WINNING YET?As we reflect on the year that 2020 has been, I am sure the words digital transformation will come quickly to mind.How enthusiastically we have all embraced a new way of communicating but are we all well and truly over Zoom meetings?IP&F@ St Cathssuspect we now long to sit around the Board table once again but many of us have been inspired by theOur P&F has been delighted with the increased attendance positives that have come from this experience andfollowing the move to Zoom meetingsand going forward, is we will continue to adopt some of our newly acquiredlikely to continue with the occasional Zoom version for that networking and sharing programs.Heres a snapshot ofvery reason. Even our annual kindy sings presentation took community relations at St Catherines in Sydney and howplace during a Zoom meeting and it was just as charming.we adapted to deal with 2020.9 4 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'