b'FEATURED ARTICLEScotch College Adelaide didnt proceed with the Annual Appeal, the continuity of S imilarly,ScotchCollegeAdelaidehadenthusiasticphilanthropycouldberadicallydifferentinthefuture. AnnualGivinggoals.Forthisyearsappeal,weSo, when faced with the question should we or should initiallyplannedanambitiousandexcitingGivingwe not go ahead with the appeal in 2020, we knew that Day, but we had to rethink the strategy and execution.we needed to press ahead but the challenge was doing it appropriately, sensitively and caringly in this difficult year.OurgoalwasandistobuildacultureofphilanthropyThe plan was to deliberately strip down the appeal without atScotchthatstretchesbeyondCOVID-19andweall the bells and whistles, focusing less on pushing for understand the importance of an Annual Appeal in buildingone specific goal and rather asking donors to do what they this broad-based culture.could for the Scotch community. BestpracticeindicatesthatFundraisingeffortsmustOur goals this year were to:continue during a crisis, with modified timelines, goals, and1.make our donors feel that they are needed and are a considered segmentation and communication. It is alsovalued part of the Scotch community, well researched and understood that giving (and asking) are important in bringing people together to support the2.bring people together to support the community in community in times of crisis.times of crisis;and to 3.provide our community with an opportunity to do their Wewantedourcommunitytohavetheopportunitytobit to help and feel good about it.continue to give in 2020. We were concerned that if we It Takes Two - Scotch & You - Thank you from the School Captains6 4 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'