b'FEPLAATTIUNRUEMDPAARRTTICNLEER ADVERTORIALMENTORING AT ALL STAGES OF YOUR CAREER JOURNEYIt is often assumed that mentoring is primarily for new employees who have just entered the workforce or a new role. However, having access to mentoring opportunities should not stop once you reach the top. Rather, mentoring is an invaluable tool during any stage of ones career, whether youre a new graduate, a manager, or an established CEO.Participating in a mentoring relationship, whether through your company or on your own initiative, is a rewarding experience that helps you develop not only your professional career but also helps build you personally.Within a mentoring relationship, certain things will stay the same, such as attending regular meetings, exploring new networks and setting compelling goals. Yet the mentoring relationship will shift slightly throughout the progression of your career to ensure you are getting the most out of your mentor and achieving the goals you have established.READ MORE HERE.5 4 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'