b'FNEAETWUSR: EEDD AURCTAITCEL EPLUSMENTORING PROGRAMTHE POWER OF MENTORINGAt Educate Plus we appreciate and understand the power of mentoring.In our close knit, collegial and supportive community, informal mentoring takes place regularly at our SIGs, PD events and conferences. Our members come together to network, to support and to learn from one another.A s we find ourselves in these uncertain times, there has never been a greater need to have someone in your corner.Someone who understands our unique sector and the challenges you face as an Advancement professional.Our mentoring platform is available to all members, free of charge.We encourage you to get on board, explore the possibilities and register to be a mentor or mentee. Whether you would like a once off hour of power session with an industry expert or an in-depth relationship over a longer period, the AI matching algorithm will ensure you are matched with the right person for you.A mentoring relationship is a gratifying one.One that will add value to your career and enrich your life. Hear from two of our members who launched their mentoring partnership this year: Judy Reid and Nicole Steyn.5500 FA A NNFACCEE 22F FACCEE M MAAGGAAZZI I EE'