b'FEATURED ARTICLECommunity Zoom Chaplain Services Navigating COVID-19 Zoom Panel TheChaplainandIhavebeenrunningregularChapelWe ran a panel, Navigating COVID-19: Survival, Adaptation Services at 8.15am for our Old Girls, past staff and past&TheFutureinAugustfeaturingparentandOldGirl parents.Thisisareallyupliftingstarttotheday.Thepanellists (a paediatric gastroenterologist, GP, Paramedic attendees participate in readings. There is a small timeand KPMG Health, Ageing & Human Services employee) allotment for casual chat after the formalities. I really enjoywhichwasalsoaccessibletothebroadercommunity. mixingthecohortsofcommunitymembersup(whereThepanelexploredhowCOVID-19hadaffectedthem. relevant)! They shared the challenges and opportunities presented professionallyandconsideredwhatitallmeansfor healthcare in the future. It was a tremendous success with Past Staff Zoom Morning Teasclose to 200 registrations. Click to watch below.These are a real hit and have enabled our interstate based past staff to attend. It has been a thrill seeing 90+ yearEssential Worker profilesolds take to Zoom. This will be something we continue into a post COVID-19 world. I have profiled a number of Old Girls working in health care and other fields (eg. Keeley the Paramedic and Debbie the Perfusion Nurse) for our quarterly newsletters. These Fundraising profiles will also be uploaded to the COVID-19 Social History We chose not to run an Annual Giving Campaign in 2020.Collection of the Digital Archives.Rather,ItooktothetelephoneinJune(pre-EOFY)and spoke with past donors individually.We ended up receiving more money through these telephone interactions than we did via our previous Annual Giving communications. Navigating COVID-19: Survival, Adaptation and the Future4 2 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'