b'FEATURED ARTICLEUNSTOPPABLE by Kerwin RaeHacking your sleep for ultimate performance | Dr Carmel Harrington6.What should you do if you haveBy doing this you are teaching your mind and body that bed problems getting to sleep, or if youis for sleeping and you will find that over time you develop wake up during the night and findthe ability to fall asleep and stay asleep on a nightly basis.it hard to return to sleep?Discovering exactly what is causing our sleeping difficulties7. How to know when external help can sometimes take a bit of time. Ensuring good sleepmay be needed?habits,likenothavingcaffeineaftermidday,refrainingThe primary indicator that you may need help with your from alcohol and switching off all technology at least onesleep is that despite your best efforts you more often than hour before bedtime will enhance our ability to sleep and isnot feel tired and unmotivated. It may be that no matter a good first step to improving sleep.how much you sleep you still feel exhausted or it may be that you struggle to get the sleep you so desperately want. PractisingarelaxationormeditationexerciseisalsoaEither way it is important that you speak to your doctor. great way to prepare the body and mind for sleep and will often assist with initiating and maintaining sleep.If, however, you find yourself lying in bed not able to get to sleep after about 30 minutes - whether it be at sleep onset or in the middle of the night - it is better to get up, sit in a dimly lit room and do something relaxing, like reading a magazine or maybe even doing a breathing exercise to relax. It is important not to go back to bed until you fell sleepyDr Carmel Harrington (BSc, PhD, again. Once in bed, if you are not asleep within about 30LLB, DipEd)minutes(thisisanapproximationasclockwatchingis definitely not recommended) get up again and repeat theResearch Fellow, Childrens Hospital, Westmead,process.New South WalesOCTOBER 2020 79'