b'FEATURED ARTICLEEXCELLENCE IN THE FIELD OF ADVANCEMENT -HOW FREDA CONNECTED AN ALUMNAE COMMUNITYWhat a year! We will never forget 2020. For decades to come, Advancement professionals in university residential colleges will reflect on the pain of cut budgets, the devastation of cancelling engagement events and how Zoom became part of our everyday working lives. W e will share COVID-19 challenges and how wemaking available hand sanitisers and revising the length re-imagined our strategies. We will review theof the event.criticaldecisionswemadeasourresident numbers diminished in colleges overnight. But above all, we will deliberate on how residential colleges survived theAstheCollegemanagedtheimpactandspreadof crisis then and into the future.theCoronavirusinconsultationwithTheUniversity ofQueenslandandtheotherUQColleges,itbecame evident that the College Birthday High Tea would be the Amidst the anxiety and struggle of 2020, a new sense oflast Alumnae event for 2020. Future planned engagement unity evolved across the entire community at The Womensevents would be cancelled.College within The University of Queensland. Something really positive happened - an Alumnae magazine was bornand it reconnected the Alumnae community. Theimportanceofaclearvisiontoensurethe Alumnaecommunityremainedconnectedduringthese unprecedentedtimesemerged.Alumnaehadbeen With the evolving situation of the Corona virus in March,engaged and more and more were re-engaging with the TheWomensCollege106thbirthdaycelebrationsdevelopmentofaYoungAlumnaeprogramintroduced continued as planned as there had been no directive fromat the end of 2019. A vibrant start to 2020 was underway Queensland Health to cancel any gatherings or events atwiththeCollegesbirthdaycelebrationsandAlumnae that stage. The College implemented prevention measureswere donating to the Study Hub project to refurbish the as advised by the health authoritiesencouraging no closeold library into a modern facility to better meet the study contact such as kissing, hugging or shaking hands, andneeds of students.OCTOBER 2020 97'