b'FEATURED ARTICLEInterview with student who has given their own pocket money for 3 years to the school - Its good to give back!We learned in a webinar on Perspectives on PhilanthropyWebelievethatoursuccesswasbuiltonapersonal DuringPandemicsbytheFundraisingconsultingfirmtouch, an ambitious and flexible strategy, research, good Marts & Lundy, that 97% of participants were running theirjudgement and an incredible amount of hard work. Annual Giving program primarily focused on support for a student hardship fund. We decided to incorporate this approachsoourdonorshadtheoptiontogivetoourIt can be difficult when you are sitting in your office and Scholarship or Building Fund, or to the 2020 Bursary Fundhavingconversationswithinyourownfourwallsabout for Scotch families doing it tough.what you should or should not be doing. Often the answer is to talk it over with someone who is in the same position. This is the value of Educate Plus. We are all in this together Weplannedforafrugalandtargetedsolicitationandandthereareresourcesavailabletoyoutohelp.Just focused on our core and loyal donors. We adjusted ourask! solicitationapproach,channelsandcommunications. There were fewer letters than usual going out, only a few follow up calls were made, and a couple of follow up emails sent.We understood that times were tough and uncertain, and appreciated that some donors might not give this year but contrary to all expectations we were blown away by the communitys enthusiastic response to our appeal as more than 600 donorsstudents, parents, old collegians, staff and friends rallied together to raise over $172,000 to ourAna GozaloScholarship, Building and 2020 Bursary Funds.Philanthropy Engagement & Stewardship, Scotch College, South AustraliaOCTOBER 2020 6 5'