b'FEATURED ARTICLEbest practice communications in unusual timesTips from copywriter and writing trainer, Frank Chamberlin, Action WordsI veseensomeexcellent,somedisappointing,andsometotallyexhausting communications during 2020. It seems COVID-19 has prompted some people (notinoursector,ofcourse!)togeneratelengthy,poorlystructuredand sometimes totally unnecessary communications. Obviously, the environment of a pandemic is new to all of us. However, its crucial for every connection we makewhether its email, website or social mediato be professional and appropriate. That means you must understand your audience members and respect their time.We all want to communicate well. My advice to help you do that is to examine and understand what I call the four pillars of good business writing. 1. clarityIfyourwritingcannotbeeasily understoodbythereaderthenyoure wastingeveryonestime.Whenyour students,parentsordonorsopenan email it must immediately be clear why youre writing to them. And it must be crystal clear what you are saying. Youaretheoneincontrolofthe communication.Souseeverylever atyourdisposaltomakeyourself understood.Thesubjectlineshould be direct and intuitive. Get to the point immediately.Andusedot-pointsora numberedlisttohelpstructurethe information. Here is a real example that falls into the hideous basket. Its incomprehensible, too wordy and contains unnecessary information. Im not jokingthis was the introductory sentence of what rambled into a 600-word email to golf club members. Further to the restrictions announced this week by the State Government concerning outdoor activities such as golf, additional restrictions have been defined overnight by the Chief Health Officer regarding the playing of golf which we are under obligation to immediately implement.OC TOBE R2 0 2 0 8 5'