b'FEATURED ARTICLENEWS: EDUCATE PLUSTERTIARY +U WEB PORTALRESIDENTIAL COLLEGE FORUMTheResidentialCollegeisauniquemicrocosmwithintertiaryAdvancement,heavilydependenton the culture and success of our affiliate university, yet where autonomy and financial independence is of paramount importance. Unlike many university colleagues who work in large, dispersed teams, Residential College resources are limited and the teams are lean, often with solo operators. The delivery must, by necessity, be professional, agile and creative.The objective of our forum is to: Impact reporting/communicationGet together regularly as a forum to support each otherROIonexistingstrategies(Successfulengagement and work collaboratively strategies)Define a purposeful benchmarking study that can serveWe intend catching up once a month for the remainder all of us in a practical and impactful way of the yearThere is great variance between states and betweenWe are building a vibrant Residential Colleges forum so we individual colleges not only in terms of development butwould love if you got involved. Join us to have your say and also in terms of resources. Our focus moving forwardsuggest other topics that may be more useful to you, or email will be on best practice but will highlight the minimumMandy McFarland or Nick Jaffer to provide your feedback.and the aspirational structure required to achieve thatThebenchmarkingstudywillbecarefullycrafted with input from you and your colleagues and will be conducted methodically over a year. The final report willbereleasedattheEducatePlusInternational Conference in September 2021The three issues raised for more exploration at the last webinar were: Sheila MolloyDonor Stewardship Marketing & Education Manager, Educate Plus74 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'