b'FEATUREDF AERATTIUCRLEECampus is now open! COVID-commsto acclimate to lockdown, while giving our academic andThe communication that has been forth coming general staff the time they needed to move all learninghas been brilliant, it helps us understand and keep online.Bythetimeourstudentswouldhavenormallyup to date with what our kids are dealing with. I returnedtocampus,theywereloggingintoclassfromjust wanted to pass on our thanks, at a time when home instead. there is so much negativity in the media about how Universities are dealing with the students you should know that as parents we think UC has done Overthedurationofthelockdown,ourCOVID-commsa fantastic job.covered: regular governmental and UC admin updates, reinforced student support and healthcare services, links to online fitness classes held by our RecCentre teams, resilience building notices from our Wellbeing teamWe also utilised our Facebook page to host video check in messages from the Vice-Chancellor and UC StudentsStanding together, while were apart.Association (UCSA) President, and a four part Te Hpai| UC Live Speaker Series, focusing on wellbeing.As we all know, comms isnt a perfect science and we learned some valuable lessons, which made the positive feedback we received from students (and in some cases their parents!) all the sweeter.We have had many friends who have commented to us during this lockdown period about how they have heard nothing from their childrens universities and how unhappy they are with theCorina Donaldsonway communication are being handled. I justCommunications Advisor,Te Whare Wnanga o wanted to let you know that we have only hadWaitaha University of Canterbury, New Zealandextremely positive comments to make about UC. OCTOBER 2020 111'