b'FEATURED ARTICLEGOING DIGITAL IN DIFFICULT TIMESFor too long we have relied on face to face events as our go-to product. In the current COVID-19 environment, the best Alumni organisations have quickly pivoted to ensure that connection and effective and enthusiastic engagement has continued.M anyorganisationshavesimplycalledoffallAt Haileybury, I have challenged myself and my staff to be events for the remainder of the year. Is this theinnovative and thought provoking. I have been challenged right strategy? Should we be looking to conducttobecreative,tobebusyandtoprovidealevelof online engagement opportunities? Should we be lookingengagement that we have not seen before. to refine our product offerings? So what have you done? How have you engaged with your Alumni and donors?One of the best things we have done this year is to provide our Alumni with a series of webinars and master classes. WeneedtobethinkingaboutthefutureofAlumniTheseeventshavefeaturedprominentAlumniand relations. Does it exist solely with in-person events? Surelymembers who are doing interesting things, whether it be not. With individuals having an increasingly busy lifestyle,in their work-related roles or in the community. we need to ensure we connect in other ways outside of face to face events. Although they are incredibly valuable, the time has come for innovation and strategic thinkingWebinarshaveallowedconnectionwith outside the box. What are your thoughts? Id be very keencommunitymembersincludingAlumni,students, to hear how you will innovate over the next 3-5 years. staffandparents.Recordingsofeachofthe webinars have occurred so that members may be able to view them at their leisure. Many recordings have been used in the classroom for students at varying levels.OHA Webinar Series - Building & Utilising Your Networks, with Kym Huynh (OH 2002)OCTOBER 2020 67'