b'FEATURED ARTICLEHOW TO PRIORITISE WORK WELLBEING IN THE CURRENT AND POST COVID ERAWork. Its a big part of ones life and always has been. But over the last few years the always-on technologies and office-in-our-pocket has made it harder than ever to switch off and distinguish the difference between work and rest. The devices we carry allow many of us to take work not just home, but wherever we go.T his blurring of work and life was further entrenchedAccording to our national research of 1,004 Australians, during COVID-19 where the biggest transformation71% of those who participated in online education said to how, where and when we work and learn tookitwasapositiveexperiencefortheirhousehold.This place.was largely due to the support provided by schools and the opportunity to spend more time with their child. The greater engagement in their childs learning also allowed Like many others, the education sector had to respondfamilies and parents to develop a greater understanding with swift adaptability and resilience to a changing world.of their childs skills, abilities and challenges with learning. And the Australian public is grateful for the way that it did. For this, the education sector should be commended.Work Wellbeing - Ashley Fell on Sky News58 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'