b'FEATURED ARTICLEintroduce our new Principal to prospective families through face-to-face meetings on the campus, we used short video updates on Facebook and Instagram which led to greater visibility, engagement and ultimately enrolments. With more people online, we increased our online advertising spend and created adcampaignstoencourageprospectivefamiliestoparticipateinourvirtual information tours. We reached a larger than normal audience through targeted and strategic advertising.We also launched our Santa Stories campaign during the remote learning phase that allowed us to showcase the Santa graduate attributes by sharing outstanding Alumnae achievements. These were published on social media and in our quarterly newsletters to prospective families.Santa Stories: Emeritus Professor Jenny Edwards PhD (Class of 1964)Emeritus Professor Jenny Edwards PhD, MSc,BSc(Hons)isafirstgeneration ITeducator,championofwomenin computing and was dux of Santa Sabina College in 1964. Entering the University ofSydneyin1965fromSantaSabina as an undergraduate studying science, Jennywentontoholduniversity teaching positions in computer science as well as working in industry consulting locally and overseas.Although we are still yet to determine the full value of our increased social media presence, we have been able to engage and inspire a larger audience that has helped us build our online presence and share our stories.Re-imagining entry points Duringenrolmentinterviews,familieshadindicateda By far the most ambitious and innovative opportunity haswillingness to start girls earlier if they were able to start on been to change our key enrolment intake points for 2021.the Santa Sabina campus. The strong parent desire for the We developed a more streamlined structure to concentratechange, as well as having the time to formulate new plans, our enrolment efforts at the Year 5 and Year 7 entry yearsredesign specialised aspects of the curriculum and create a rather than continue the usual diluted offering. Our newMarketing campaign, gave us momentum.tween precinct, Gioia House, will see our Year 5 students move from our Primary campus to join our Year 6 girls on our Senior campus but they will be cocooned in their own area.Yvette GranieroDirector of Community Relations,Santa Sabina College, New South WalesOCTOBER 2020 4 9'