b'FEATURED ARTICLEGiving is positive. It makes you feel fantastic and that youStaff, students, parents and Old Andreans became our are part of something bigger, that you have contributed inambassadorsprovidingshortvideocontentviatheir a meaningful way.Not everyone had the capacity to givephones supporting the initiative and our community and financially this year, but we wanted to give everyone theinviting them to join in. opportunity to give.The members of the Association of Parents and Friends We reflected deeply on what giving really means. Givingwere strong supporters kicking off the Fundraising with a isprovidingloveorotheremotionalsupport.Givinggenerous donation. Our Old Andrean Association promised iscaring.OurGivingDayexpandedtoincludegivinga$50donationwitheveryOldAndreanparticipant, messagesofencouragementandgivingpledgesofwhether it be a message, a volunteer pledge or a donation volunteer hoursand for those who had the capacity, it further supporting our commitment that each type of gift was about giving donations to support our families whowas equally valuable and providing increased engagement needed our financial support. All three ways of giving wereand moving testimonials.of equal value: money, time or messagesand each gift was precious.And then we added the fun We partnered again with the Charidy team and Caelan MacBeth, who adjusted their platform so we would be able to give the three different ways. Unable to have volunteers in our operations room (this is usually a central ingredient of Giving Days with volunteers Withthattechnicalityovercomeweconcentratedoncreating the buzz and excitement), instead we created our promoting the day. Working remotely, over many onlineown heads on sticks much like the fake supporters at conversations,wechoseKeepingourSpiritStrongassporting games at the time. our theme and the pillars of our beautiful cathedral for our designindicating timelessness, evoking emotionalOur Facebook viewers loved this humorous approach and connectionsandenduringstrength.Unabletofilminfollowed us for 24 hours of live Facebook content led by isolation,weinsteadcreatedavideomontagefromtwo of our former students. previousphotos.Injustoveraminute,itcapturedour messageofhope,communityandtogethernessand invited everyone to participate. OCTOBER 2020 8 9'