b'FEATURED ARTICLEdomesticstudents,and20percenttoInternationalIn return, students have expressed their thanks. Masters students.studentCharlotteBruceKellsreceivedatwo-month extension to her scholarship, which she can take whenever she is ready to return to study after maternity leave.Manydonorshaveattachednotestotheirdonations, explainingwhytheyhavechosentosupportthefund. Alumna Nicole Warren says,The hardship fund has made a massive difference to me and my family. It has relieved a huge amount of stress in the lead up to the birth I dont want students who have worked so hardof my baby, as well as ensured that one way or to be at university, or were given a life-changinganother I will get this thesis done.opportunity to attend university, to have that taken away from them by factors outsidetheir control. My family and I could not have afforded another semester worth of fees, so without this fund I would not have been able to extend my due date.Oneofmanystaffmemberstodonatetothefund, Professor Craig Rodger says,For postgraduate students Duncan Coutts and Victoria Sugrue, the financial support they have received from the In my life I have been an undergraduate andfund has meant Duncan has been able to continue with postgraduate student at Otago, and now a staffhis MSc in Anatomy and they have been able to pay the member. I know financial pressures can have abills over winter.big influence on a students life when they should be studying - the scale of the COVID disruption is far bigger than anything which occurred inDuncanreceivedatwo-monthextensionforhis my lifetime. Knowing what a difference somescholarship stipend, while the couple, who have a one-financial help can make, I felt compelled to helpyear-old daughter Lucy and are expecting another baby todays students by donating at New Year, also received a contribution towards living to the hardship fund. costs.Duncan Coutts and Victoria Sugrue and daughter Lucy - click on the image to read more.10 4 FACE 2 FACE MAGAZINE'