b'FEATURED ARTICLEHave a look at some of the messages that came through the 2020 Giving Day. Great entertainment tonight! Im loving all theOur final result was extraordinary. We raised $107,202 for pretend volunteers in the operations room. Goour families in need, were pledged 655 volunteer hours, Anthony and Kathleen you are doing such anand received the most beautiful, supportive, encouraging amazing job. Love our Old Andreans. and positive messages which touched the hearts of all.SeniorstaffwerechallengedonlinetodoaTikTokin exchange for increased participation from the community andtotheshockandgleeofeveryonetheyagreed. Thisbecameadelightfulhighlightatthecloseofthe campaign,eagerlywatchedbystudents,parents,staff and Old Andreans. TheBBQwentahead,thebirthdaycakewascutand streamedtothewiderschoolcommunity,andlotsofLyn Jarviscake was enjoyed by students and staff. Student leadersDirector of Community Engagement,countedusinandoutofthe24-hourgivingperiod,St Andrews Cathedral School, sharing the excitement of the day and reflecting on whatNew South Walesthe community means to them. OCTOBER 2020 91'